Routing POTS line through FreePBX to 2nd FreePBX

I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. It seems to be working however we are getting clicks and delays on the Site B when the calls ring in to the ring group.

Site A
Vega 8port FXO

  • 4 of the Ports on VEGA have Digital POTS lines from COX. DID on Vega for all four lines are set for 9899, they are all on a hunt group with cox.
    -Site A has an inbound Route for DID 9899 to send down IAX trunk to Site B

Site B
Misc Application with 9899 to Main Ring group.
(I tried doing an inbound route on this site with DID 9899, but it never worked)

As I said calls are coming in but when answered at Site B, there is a delay when making the connection and usually the person calling doesn’t hear the receptionist’s greeting and the receptionist reports a bunch of clicks at the beginning of the call.

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