Routing on centos

I have an HP server with centos with 2 lan ports.
One is connected to my switch and internal network.
The other is connected to a sip gateway.

Both are different networks.

I want to create routing between the two networks.

So my any device on my internal network can access the sip gateway.

I am newbie to Linux and want to know the exact commands to use

Curious, why do the devices on your LAN need to access the SIP gateway?

My asterisk server is on one network and my sip gateway is on another, connected to the other network adapter.

Actually i need only my asterisk server to communicate with my sip gateway.

Is one of the network interfaces on the FreePBX box on the same network as the SIP gateway? Directly connected networks do not need routing since they are directly connected.

If the FreePBX box and gateway are not on the same network you will need to add a static route to the FreePBX box.