Routing multiple instances through one freepbx

Hello Community,
I am trying to set up an architecture where multiple instances of freepbx (PBXN) will use one instance (PBX1) for call termination and initiation. here’s the scenario:

  • FreePBX
  • PBX1 has a bunch of trunks defined with external suppliers
  • Direct internal communication between PBXNs is not required.
  • The callerID of the user initiating the call must go out through PBX1
  • Inbound calls must be routed to specific PBXN depending on the DID

I tried creating an IAX2 extension on PBX1 and using it as a trunk on PBXN. each its own. but this does not seem to relay the original callerID, instead it outbounds using the name of the IAX2 extension.

I tried doing the same with an SIP instead of IAX but without much luck.

Any suggestions about how to setup this architecture?


Numerous design questions come to mind but here’s how to solve the specific issue you asked about:

This path will use the caller ID set on the extension. Instead, set up a trunk on both PBXes, pointing to each other.

If you want routing to work “like an extension” then set the context as “from-internal.”

note: do this in a lab environment only; think through it more before you do it in a production environment.

hi Bill.
Thanks for your input. I a working in a lab environment at the moment. I was under the impression that IAX Trunks would allow extensions to dial each other directly between PBX instances, something that i did not want to allow.
Good point though, if i do not have any extensions on PBX1 and all PBXN only peer with PBX1 instead of each other calls may not transition internally between instances through PBX1. i am trying and will post the response.
Thanks again!

so this is confirmed working. IAX trunking between PBXN and PBX1 with outbound routes sending calls through the trunk work well for this application

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