Routing issue

Hey guys,

I’m a newbie on freepbx and I’m facing some challenge with a new install on vmware workstation. In fact I did an install without any hindrance last night, but this morning wanting to spice up things I installed freepbx with a NATted NIC. The registrar’s address is a class B with a /24 and my hypervisor is on a Class C (CIDR /24 also).

I can ping my hypervisor from the pbx’s cli, I can ping my registrar from the hypervisor but if I try to connect to the GUI remotely ( on a different computer) I’m being told to take a hike.

I thought that maybe my ISP router’s firewall was for something in this, but even with the fw down the issue remains.

If you have any remarks it would be greatly appreciated.


Unless you have an unusual security requirement (in which case, please explain), just set up bridged networking on your VM.

The combination of your router firewall + the firewall built into FreePBX offers plenty of protection for nearly all use cases.

Hey Stewart,

Thanks for your reply but I’d like to add something,: I did as I did to simulate a corporate install without having to really give my outside IP address and style be able to fully set up freepbx’s firewall.

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