Routing Incoming calls question (2 x freePBX)


I have successfully set up a FreePBX (let’s call it freepbx01) with Extensions starting with 2XX und a SIP Trunk to a SIP Provider. Works fine so far :wink:
Since we have an older ISDN-trunk on our premises I’d successcully managed to plugin in a T122 PRI card in a second freePBX (named freepbx02, this time a physical computer) and I can receive calls to extensions on the freepbx02 ( Starting with 5XX) coming from the ISDN trunk.
Since my users have extensions on freepbx01 I’d like to redirect incoming calls on freepbx02 to their extensions on freepbx01.

Question: How can I securely redirect Inbound-Routes on freepbx02 to the extensions on freepbx01 ?
Maybe someone can point me into the right direction. Any suggestion is welcome


Refer to the instructions here:

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