Routing Inbound pjsip trunk on an internal sip trunk

Hi all, I’m using Zadarma as Sip Trunk provider. Here I’ve bought a “Virtual number” virtual number that is routed on the Sip Trunk built using the information described here:
I would like to route every inbound call that arrive for this number to a second trunk that point to a SIP Server in my internal LAN.
I’ve already created bot the trunks and I’m ok for all outbound calls made from my internal SIP Server, but I’m unable to do this for the inbound calls.
The Zadarma SIP trunk is a pjsip trunk and the “internal trunk” is a simple SIP trunk.
Please help me to understand how to configure this kind of route, I’ve to send to the internal trunk the virtual number without any manipulation (like a DID).
Thanks in advance Andrea “FreePBX Newbie”

PJSIP implements simple SIP!

If you meant chan_sip, I’d suggest converting that to PJSIP.

I’m a plain Asterisk user so I’ll leave it to others to answer the original, routing, question.

Hi David, I’ll do this “transformation”, but following my “little knowledge” I did this internal configuration because was not sure on that meant pjsip. Only to avoid any issue with my internal SIP Server.

Thank one more time for the tip

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