Routing inbound calls to a speficic SIP extension

Dear all,

I’m a newbie to FreePBX and I’m trying to figure out the following:

  • Running FreePBX with Asterisk 11.5.1, on RasPBX 3.6.11.
  • GSM gateway (Huawei E169 dongle connected via chan_dongle) as custom trunk
  • existing private SIP server

After a bit of work, I managed to get this configuration working:

  • GSM dongle <-> local extension work fine (both ways)
  • local extension <-> specific extension on SIP server work fine (both ways)

Now, I want to transfer incoming calls from the GSM dongle to a specific extension on my private SIP server, and this is basically where I got lost. In very simple words, it could be put this way: “when GSM rings, forward call to SIP:[email protected]

I have tried to create a Custom Trunk, with the following Custom Dial String: SIP/[email protected] The inbound route picks and DID / CID and sets the destination to that Custom Trunk.

The calls on the GSM line appear in the CDR Report, App=Hangup, Destination=tdial, Disposition=NO ANSWER and Duration=00:00

Any help would be greatly appreciated!