Routing calls when caller blocks CID or CID is unavailable

We receive a lot of calls from autodialeres and sales people from blocked or unknown CID numbers. I’ve successfully set up routes for known CID numbers, which is very slick but I can’t seem to figure out how to route calls that have no/blocked CID. Is anybody currently doing this?

A couple of years ago, Ward Mundy wrote a script called Stealth Auto-Attendant. There is some code in that script that does exactly that. You should be able to find it on


I found it:

hmm, this sound like something you may want to open a feature request for on the tracker

…At least in 2.5 and I remember it all the way back to 2.1. For 2.5, though, you create and inbound route, select “caller id priority” check box, and in the “caller id number” box you can put private, blocked, unknown, restricted and other. If you hover over “caller id number”, it will even tell you this. Leave the DID blank.