Routing Calls to other servers and back

I have several Sangoma UC25 servers running PBXact located at several of our restaurants. What I would like to do is to route calls to one of the restaurants where we have a reservationist to answer calls. My challenge is that they are only there for eight hours four days a week.

What I’ve tried so far is that at each restaurant, I have a time condition that checks to see if the call is coming in during the time the reservationist is available. If they are available, it sends the call to a misc. destination which is the direct number at one of the restaurants for the reservationist queue.

At that location I have it set up so that if the reservationist is not logged into the queue, the call will failover to the host stand. This works fine for the one restaurant but for those phone systems at other restaurants, I have no way to know if the reservationist is logged into the queue or not before I send the call. I don’t want to send the call from another restaurant to the host at the restaurant where the reservationist is located.

Is there a way that I can check to make sure the queue has an active agent before I send the call?

Is there a way that I can send the call back to the store if the reservationist is not available?

Any suggestions on best practices to handle this sort of situation?

Brainstorming with you…

I’d look into either “remote hints” ( or maybe something is possible with the graphql API.

Or how about hosting the queues all on a central server?

This is where my mind went first. Remember, the phones don’t have to be assigned to the local server; they can be spread out over several restaurants and all point to the same server.

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