Routing Calls to multiple servers

Is there a way that FreePBX can route inbound calls to multiple servers? I host multiple servers, one for each separate company, and as each one grows, their respective area codes start to overlap each other.

To explain, my inbound server is ip x.x.x.x, which receives all inbound calls. It then pushes the number to server x.x.x.y, or x.x.x.z depending on code. So I have _123456[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9] go to server x.x.x.y. Can I have it go to that destination, but if the number does not exist on that server, attempt to search x.x.x.z for the number?

This would greatly condense my inbound server a lot, and I could just have all numbers hit each server.

You need a real SIP proxy in front of your PBI

Can you explain a bit more for me please?

Start with maybe reading

Asterisk is a b2bua.

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