Routing calls through SIP trunks of IAX linked FreePBX servers

Happy New Year all…!

This is most likely a simple thing to get sorted…

I have two FreePBX servers - one at my office and one at home. Both have SIP trunks to the outside world and can make and receive calls through their respective extensions.

Reciently, I have linked both systems through an IAX trunk. I am doing more work from how now and want the ability to have the office number available at home.

The systems work well together. When a call comes in via the office SIP trunk, phones ring at the office and in my home office via my home pbx. I can also call the office extensions from home and vice-versa. All good.

However, I have yet to sort out routing a call from my home PBX out through the SIP Trunk on the office PBX. Whatever I seem to do, all that happens is that the home PBX ends up calling the office PBX just as if a call has come in from the outside world . I cannot seem to get a call to come in via the IAX trunk and to route straight out the SIP trunk on the office PBX (I have a “welcome to company xxx” that is played to the caller prior to extensions ringing).

Can anyone give me pointers as to what I am not doing right?

Many thanks,


wnat Is your trunk context? Have you read this? It talks about having calls go out over the remote PBX.

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