Routing Calls from a Queue to an Outgoing Trunk

Hi Guys,

I have a small call center setup(with 10 agents) and I want to route overflow calls to an outgoing SIP trunk. But i want to do it on the fly not with a strict time out rule.

For example when I see that there is 50 calls sitting in the queue and I don’t have enough agents logged in; i want to trigger the calls waiting in the queue to the outgoing trunk.

I couldn’t find a similar question or an example but I want to know if you guys have any suggestion?

Any help or comment is appreciated,

The problem I think you’re going to run into is that there’s no way to mark a trunk as “busy” or “available”. From a management perspective within the system, I think you’re going to have to set up a bunch of extensions at the remote location and enable/disable those on the fly. You can add the extensions to the queue on the fly and then remove them when your call volume dies back down.

Configure the queue under the Capacity tab, for a maximum number of waiting calls. Excess calls will go out the failover destination automatically.