Routing call to user then ring group the back to users voicemail

I am trying to implement the following.

When a call is transfered i would like it to ring the user then ring a ring group then fail back to the users voicemail.

I have managed to get as far as the ring group but how would i fail this back to the uses voicemail.

i can sent it to a paticular voicemail box but not back to the original users one?



I’m assuming you’re wanting to do this for a particular user, rather than system wide ?

You could set up a ring group specific for that extension, and calls to that extension would fail over to the ring group.
After x amount of seconds, calls in the ring group would fail over the users voicemail box.

Not very elegant, and it means setting up specific ring groups for this functionality, but it’ll work.
Chances are, quite a few callers will hang up when they hear the call transfer to the ring group, because they’ll think it’s going to voicemail, so be prepared to have your staff report ‘phantom’ or short calls to you.

That wouldnt work becase i have about 10 users in each ring group so would get really messy.

There must be a way of holding onto the original extension the passing it to their voicemail

can someone please assist me with this not sure where to go ???

What you are asking to have done can’t be done currently.

You can always submit it as a feature request via the Development Site, report a bug and change type from bug to feature request.

At this time the GUI solution is to create separate ring groups for each extension as mentioned above.

also Offering up a bounty to get a feature to be completed quickly a good way to motivate the developers… or paying for support to get it written…