Router-Wifi Router

I have a small business I run out of my home. I am looking to replace my modem and router I am using from Comcast with something that will work well with Freepbx. I have 4 extensions internally and two thru a Linksys pap2. I am trying to securing connect and eliminate hack attempts. I also will have remote extensions or offices connecting back to the main server in my home.

My children also game a lot, 2 ps4’s, world of Warcraft, many wifi devices, rok, Netflix, chromecast etc.

Can you help point me in the right direct for a new modem and wifi router setup as well as the main hub Setup for the system

I want reliable but don’t need bleeding edge or Cadillac pricing.

Thank you for your assistance in regards to this matter.


Your going to need a router that has QOS (Quality of Service) to give priority to the voice traffic otherwise
everything else going on in the house will saturate your available bandwidth and the calls will be choppy.
Ideally, I believe you should have a dedicated connection just for phones.
The Buffalo AirStation series WiFi routers would be a good choice if you decide to keep just one connection.
(I’m pretty sure they all have QOS - but check before you buy)
As for the modem - DSL? - I like Siemens - but any of the TP-Links are inexpensive and reliable too.