Router question

I know this is a REALLY Nooby question, but here it goes, flames and all :slight_smile:

And if you don’t want to answer, at least point me in the right direction (with a finger other than the middle one).

Once a system is set up… server, switch, router, phones…

What purpose does the router serve in the system (other than handing out addresses(dhcp), allowing access to the internet)? Does the router interact in any other way with the phones, server and switches?

Phones are just IP hosts, to the network no different that any other device.

The question has no answer without knowing your topology. The job of a router is to forward packets between networks. If your Server is on the same network as the phones a router is not even required.

DHCP does npt have to be run on a router, in fact in many networks it’s the worst place to run it.