Router failure/replacement issues

I had a router failure and subsequently changed routers. This caused my public IP to change and now though I can make a call there is no voice sent or received. I am using sipstation for my trunks with my PBXact 40 appliance. Most settings are fairly generic.

I believe I have all of port-forwarding set exactly the same on the new router though the brands are different. The new router is a Edgerouter Pro.

Any idea what is creating this comm error and what I can do to troubleshoot or to resolve it?

Thank you,


If your public IP changes you need to update Asterisk NAT settings in the SIP Settings module in FreePBX.

Thank you so much for your response.

I was able to resolve the problem with your assistance by browsing to the SipStation module under applications in PBXact. I then went to the SipStation store.

From there I clicked on Trunk Groups and then Notifications and Access control. From there I added the IP address and adjusted the NetMask as appropriate.

After making this adjustments, everything began to work as expected.

Thank you for your assistance,


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