Route to dynamic queue when extension does not pick up

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Does anyone have any ideas on what command could I grep to see what queues an extension is a part of?

I am trying to figure out the most straightforward way to accomplish the following:

  • Call goes to extension
  • Extension does not answer
  • Instead of voicemail the call routes to a custom context (via Optional Destinations) that looks up the queue that extension belongs to, for a peer to answer the call as a queue call.

I know how to invoke the custom dialplan, but am not 100% sure what command would be best to find the queue to use.

Does anyone have any insights or alternative ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks for any insights!

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I think you’re going to have to grovel around in the ASTDB to get that (since the members are dynamic).

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Went with the MySQL table asterisk.kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Queuestats. I found the queues they are signed into as part of a JSON statement.

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