Route SIP trunk

help me.

How to route server PBX non line to server PBX any line to call phone number ??


Please define what you mean by “non line” and “any line” and then what your belief of a “call phone number” is, (it’s mostly covered in the wiki though)

I have two servers , one server with connections to dahdi ( RJ11 ) and other servers do not have dahdi connection ( RJ11 ) . on a server that has dahdi able to make calls to outside numbers , such as mobile phone number . and other servers can not ? why ?

You will either need a local SIP trunk or possibly a tandem trunk to the server with the FXO. But I might have missed something because of language problems.

server connected to FXO can indeed make calls outside or external numbers . but , I want the other server does not use FXO , but do sip trunk to a server connected to the FXO able to make calls to outside numbers . I do not know how the configuration steps .

For a tandem trunk, start with:-

oke, i will try to my server. :smiley:

Technically that would have to be serverS

sir, outbound on server have not FOX where to Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes ?

sir, how if I using SIP trunks not using IAX ??

Sorry, I don’t understand you well, but my guess is that if you only have an outbound PSTN connection through an FXO on one server, then the other server will have to send all calls through the tandem trunk to the server that does have the FXO

yes, that right sir. but i have not IAX on my freepbx server to SIP trunk. and last i try to server and still fail

You actually DO have IAX2 available, it is an alternate protocol to SIP and works very well as a trunk between asterisk servers, IAX stands for “Inter-Asterisk eXchange” that it why it is recommended. It merely needs an IP route between your servers and one port udp/4569 open.

hold on sir, i would like to send my configure trunk and outbound printscreen .

this trunks.

Really, just read the iax2 tieline link I posted it just works.

and this outbound server to server connect with FXO

i dont understand with outbound, on server connect with FXO, outbound 1 lead to dahdi (FXO) and outbound 2 lead to server that is not connected to FXO.

and, on server not connected to FXO, outbound where ? and outbound 2 where, sir ?

Sorry but I just can,t parse your english effectively, maybe someone else can help you.


It might help to draw us a picture. Label the boxes and label all of the connections.

Specifically, it would help us to see how you want to connect the two boxes and whether they have connections outside the local network. This would include things like the servers, your inbound and outbound lines, Phones, FAX machines, etc