Route Position

Hi All,

I’m new to FreePBX Systems. Using FreePBX

My requirement of PBX is internal calls & call recording for all extensions. Each ext should use their own outbound route to call out & receive calls. When needed should be able to forward to other ext or send to voice mail.

I have setup FreePBX box in a Virtual Machine & have finished configuring 3 SIP Trunks, 3 extensions, 3 Outbound Routes for them & 3 Inbound Routes.

Inbound calls are working just fine. But facing issues in Outbound calls. When a call is made from 1st ext to outside it is working fine, but when dialed from the other 2 exts, call lands the 1st ext.

In the Outbound Route I can see Route Position & not sure how to disable. Any changes made to in the 2nd line (First, Before & After) other 2 exts are acting as 1st ext. Please help me in resolving this issue.

Advance Thanks.