Route number to trunk and add delayed DTMF tones

Whenever someone dials a specific number, I would like the call to be sent out on a SIP trunk, that connects my FreePBX to another non-asterisk PBX (calling an IVR extensions there). After a few seconds, I want specific DTMF tones to be sent.
How would I do that?

I tried below dial plan in extensions_custom.conf, the extension gets send, but the DTMF tones don’t. Can you help?
exten => 5295,1,Dial(SIP/G200/5000)
exten => 5295,n,senddtmf(5313)

Look at the D option in

you will probably need a w (pause for .5 seconds) or two also, something like:-

exten => 5295,1,Dial(SIP/G200/5000,D(ww5313))

(you could also add a custom extension that dials that for convenience)

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