Route incoming calls to IVR help

I have setup IVR with a custom recording and went to the documentation fine. I check incoming routing and I do not see an option to route to IVR. I figured it had to be an extension but how do you make IVR an extension?

Um? It’s there. What ARE you seeing?

Its there in BIG LETTER IVR lol

May need to scroll down if you screen is small

I swear it wasn’t there before! I am in the middle of porting my line. Is there a way to test to see if the recording is picking up locally? Also how would I do 2 IVRs on a schedule? I have one during business hours and one after hours.

Checkout Time Conditions.

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If all you want to do is check the recording, there’s an option when you create the audio file that gives the audio file a special code (e.g.*241) that you can use to listen to the recording. If you want to set uo an extension for testing, you can set up a local extension (or ring-group with no member extensions) and route that to your recording instead of going to voicemail. That’s pretty easy and simple enough to tear back down once you get done testing.

Do two IVRs. Call them “Betty” and “Wilma” if you’d like. Set up timegroups and time conditions and route one to one IVR and one to the other IVR. Basically, you do it exactly the way you asked.

For testing IVRs from the outside, there are plenty of ITSPs that will let you set up a trial inbound that you can send your incoming calls to. You can also ask the ITSP you are going to be using to set up a ‘test’ number for you to dial into until your number port is complete.

I will give this a shot. thanks again

okay I have everything setup and 2 ivrs with time conditions, but no matter what it still goes to the one IVR. Not sure what I am missing

Let me assume that your time group reflects working hours and during which IVR 1 should be active. Whereas for rest of the time, IVR 2 should be active. I am also assuming that you had assigned this time group properly with your time condition and using correct time zone.
In this case, you can select IVR 1 as target for “Destination Matches” field and IVR 2 as target for “Destination non-matches”.
Please refer below screenshot.

I have done that with the same result. I do have my main IVR setup as calls come in but it just seems the time conditions are going to the Normal hours no matter what.

Have you selected the appropriate time group in the time condition?

Can you share the screenshot of your time group and time condition ?


Hi, you also need to specify the time condition as your destination in inbound routes. It sounds simple I know but you never know.