Route external calls over IAX

Hey guys, I hope you can help me out.
We have two FreePBX systems (A and B) that are connected over an IAX trunk.

  • The main phone number arrives at System A (Let’s call it 555100100-1xx)
  • External calls to System B should arrive at System A and routed over the IAX trunk
  • System A uses extensions 100 to 149
  • System B uses extensions 150 to 189
  • Both systems can talk to each other on the internal extensions
  • Both systems can do outbound calls
  • External calls to System A is working
  • External calls to System B is NOT working

I found a macro that should route all external calls to extension 150 to 189 over the iax trunk but i am not sure if this is acutally used by the system. This macro is a relic from the former asterisk system.

[from-did-direct] exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=00049${CALLERID(num):1}) exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,n,NoOP(+++++ Call to SystemB ++++++) exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,n,Wait(1) exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,n,Dial(IAX2/[email protected]/${EXTEN:9},30,tTw) exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,n,Busy(1) exten => _5551001001[5-8]X,n,Hangup()

Currently I believe the problem is the Inbound Route. What destination do I need to set there? At the moment it is set to the IAX Trunk.

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