Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules

Hi How can I define the Route Dial Patterns and Trunk Dial Rules so I just dial the extension number of the other pbx?

the extention is in the range of 1XX

The other system is working, so the trunk is working

Firstly, those remote extensions cannot exist in your local dialplan i.e. in FreePBX otherwise it will just land in your own box.

Second, just put as it is in the outbound route pattern.

Then select the respective trunk that bridges two PaBX

FreePBX box: 2XX extentions range; remote box: 1XX extensions range.

Just that? What about the trunks dial rules?

These are my FreePBX Peer Details:


contexto=from-rpi ?

it was a typo, but not the problem. the call still going strait to the Voice Mail…

You don’t need trunk dial rules. Just the outbound rules would suffice.

Which voicemail do you hear? Asterisk’s? Or 3CXs? (boo on 3cx…haha)

Asterisk I think. I disagree with you. 3CX is great in MHO. In manner of fact these dayas all PBX, specialy the soft ones are good. It is hard to say wich one is the best.

Is there a way in Asterisk to trace the cal?

iax2 set debug trunk trunkname

Unfortunaly freePBX is running on a Raspberry Pi (incredible PBX)and it does not have the iax2 command

[email protected]:~# iax2 set debug trunk SIP_Trunk
-bash: iax2: command not found

Then that would explain why the trunk is not working.

I don´t get it…

I reread, that command needs to be run in the “asterisk cli” not bash.