Route calls from one Trunk to another


I am using FreePBX to route calls from an external SIP provider to an internal PBX. I hv defined two trunks one for external provider and another for internal PBX. I get DIDs from external provider and DIDs are mapped to users on internal PBX.

On the FPBX, my inbound routes are configured like this

Incoming DID (say 1 212 123 1234) point to custom extension (1234) and custom extensions hv dial string ‘sip/internal_trunk/12121231234’

So for every DID, i hv custom extension with dial string as defined above.

This works great but as you noticed started becoming a maintenance issue for us, because every time we change a DID, i need log into FreePBX and redo the mapping.

I am looking for a simpler way to define a generic mapping like the following

For any DID, dial (sip/internal_trunk/(${CALLERID(RDNIS)})

I tried define a new custom extension and in that i used dial string as sip/internal_trunk/(${CALLERID(RDNIS)}). It didn’t work.

I also tried to define a custom trunk and in that i defined dial string as SIP/Lync_Trunk/+${CALLERID(RDNIS)} and it didn’t work either.

Any other ideas.


NM. It works via custom trunk as shown above. I had a typo.


You haven’t indicated which version of FreePBX that you are running.

However, on FreePBX 2.9 and later, you can point your inbound routes directly to a trunk.