Route Call based on DID in IVR Menu

I have 2 locations running on the same system and I am working on converting over existing locations into the same system. When a customer calls any given location they get a greeting “thank you for calling Location 1” , and so on based on which DID they call after that it does a generic IVR menu that says press 1 for sales, 2 for Service and so on , I have that routed through Inbound routes and IVR and it works perfect.
Each location has their own Ring Groups for Sales and / or Service.
What I’m trying to avoid is creating Identical IVR menus for each location, is there a way using custom extensions and / or Custom Destinations to Route calls based on the DID dialed to choose which Ring Group to call in the IVR Destination.
Basically after you get the Store Specific Greeting when you call a location and it puts you in the Main IVR menus, when you press 1 for sales if you called DID1 you go to group 100 or if you called called DID2 you go to group 200, and so on.
There may be a better way to do it and I’m open to suggestions. I’ve seen multiple ways to to setup a custom extension file but I’ve not been able to get it work.

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