Round Robin Voicemail

Ok so here is what I would like to be able to do.

Setup a queue with nothing but virtual extensions that go straight to a voicemail.
Is there anyway I could set it up so that it would round robin the voicemails instead of going to my failover destination??

Any help is much appreciated

Can you please elaborate a little more what the goal is?

My end result would be have all calls come in on 1 did that would round robin voicemails, instead of actually having a person answer them

Or somekind of script or something that would take the voicemails out of 1 voicemail box and be distributed between a number of other voicemail boxes.


This would take a custom script or a module in FreePBX. I would suggest opening a feature request but something unique like this wont happen anytime soon since 2.10 just came out and features wont be added tell 2.11 which is a good 9-12 months out before a Beta even comes out.

You could always find someone to build it for you or contact FreePBX Support to get a price to build this.

Thanks that is what I kinda was figuring.

Well if anyone wants to build it for me, I will pay