Root storage

it’s possibile to extended / partition with /boot space?


boot into

Not working, because boot partiton it’s before / partition.

It was unnecessarily built with boot set at 6G , it needs only about 100M if you purge the older versions.

The order of the partitions is immaterial, grub will use them as necessary before starting linux.

You generally can’t safely resize mounted partitions, hence the need for the livegarted image, first reduce the /boot/partition as necessary, then increase the / partition to fill the disk, then commiot the changes and reboot into the original disk when done.

I do it, but gparted can’t write to kernel.

gparted doesn’t “write to kernel” , it writes to the harddisk, post a screen shot of your error.

Thank’s for help. I re-installing the freepbx system and now I see all my empty space.

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