RoomX under Freepbx


I’m Franck Danard from the old Elastix community. And Roomx’s dad.

I would like to know how many people are intersted by RoomX under Freepbx?
Just to know if i need to start a new project compatible Freepbx or not.

I should be ready to start a such job but not if nobody agree with this idea.

Waiting your comments. :wink:

Best regards.

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Hi Franck:

Maybe you should provide a description of what RoomX is so we can educate ourselves on the subject.

Yes i agree with you. :wink: Sorry.
Maybe because some people ask me if RoomX is compatible with Freepbx directly through my website. :smiley:

RoomX is a PMS running under Elastix but not under Freepbx.
A PMS with some essencial functions.

more infromations:

A hotel module. Very nice. I would definitely like to see this ported over.

It could potentially open up a whole new market.

Under what license is Roomx released, I don’t see this information readily on the website, (Je suis Canadien, mais mon français est terrible).

Under what license is Roomx released, I don’t see this information readily on the website,

I was alone to work on this project.

(Je suis Canadien, mais mon français est terrible).

Ce n’est pas grave. :wink:
Montréal , Québec?

Never made any module for Freepbx, but i could find a way to make the same functions for Freepbx in a new interface.
Just an idea like that.

Lorne, votre Français est très bon…

(Lorne, your French is very good…)

Bonne journée!


My English too. :smiley:

Sometime my English is not terrible. don’t worry :wink:

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Google dit merci.


Le siège social de Sangoma est en Ontario… (modif: mais il semble que Lorne soit de Nouvelle Écosse)

(Sangoma’s headquarters are in Ontario… (edit: but it looks like Lorne is from Nova Scotia))

Fait cocasse, à part vous toutes les personnes qui ont écrit dans ce “thread” sont Canadiens…

(It’s funny, apart from you everyone who posted in this thread are Canadians…)

Bonne journée!

(Have a nice day!)


ROTFL… :laughing:

Google and you had me fooled…


What’s ROTFL ?

Je suis Français mais j’écris en Anglais. Enfin… je fais ce que je peux pour me faire comprendre.
I’m French, but i write un English. However, i do all for that you understand me. :wink:
Sometimes with a bad English…

Ha ok…
ROTFL = MDR (Mort de rire).

Oui, mais je suis a Novelle Ecosse.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing…

I think this appeared at about the same time LOL did but it is less used nowadays… I guess I show my age when I use it…

Je suis Canadien Français de la région de Montréal (j’y suis présentement mais j’habite en banlieue)…

(I am French Canadian from the Montreal region (I am currently there but I live in its suburbs)).

Don’t worry, sometimes your phrase structure seems more French like than English and a word or two are sometimes missing like but I am pretty sure everyone can understand you…

Take this with a grain of salt though as English is not my mother tongue either… :wink:

Bonne journée!

(Have a nice day!)


Sorrrrrrrry, I realized that after (and had edited my previous message to reflect this but probably not before you read it)…

I always forget that some of us are lucky enough to be able to work remotely…

Have a nice day!


We currently have an Español category here… Should we have a Français one too?

(And I’m in Australia, and I didn’t even do French in School, I did German and Japanese. Sorry!)

Bon vieux ami, ça faisait longtemps!

Comment dites-vous ‘baisé par elastix’ en anglais . . .?

you too I see :wink:

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