Romanian translation

I searched for the romanian translation for freepbx and I did not found anything.
I want to translate the freepbx, especially the sounds. I want to record the sounds with romanian language.
Does anybody from this board want to help?

For the first question, I have found that only 8000 Hz files can be used for alaw, ulaw. I’m using that format now.
I want to ask if someone know if the sequence of some phrases can be modified and from where?
For example:
in english:
Your Extension Number Is
In romanian will be:
Number Your Extension Is

Can it be done?

I have read that “you should record your source material using a high (at least 44Khz) sample rate, apply any filters or normalization that you want, then downsample your audio to 8000hz”.
I also read somewhere that it can be downsampled to 16000Hz for the asterisk 1.6. Is it true?

Thanks, I’ll post here the results.

First look here:
Then check here:
I think that those pages (and the links on the pages) will cover all your needs.

Hello Marge,

I already made a complete translation to Romanian, but not sounds.
I think that I need to open a ticket, right ?


Honestly, I really don’t know how is to be made. I’ll start translate (record) the sounds as soon as I will install one new isdn card for the connection with one public telephony. After that, I’ll start to record the sounds that are first needed, than others. First thing, I think that I’ll record the sounds and replace the old one in english, but I want to make one installer. That I don’t know yet how to make. With this I need help. But it will be made.