Robo calls received between less or 1s

My business has been receiving a lot of bot calls (robo calls) in a space of 1s or less. I want to know if someone has a way to block it and send to the blacklist in the beginning of the calls.

Robocalls can be dealt with by forcing callers to an IVR that requires them to provide DTMF input. I hacked a whitelist project which only requires to do this once: Of Robocalls and Whitelists

Thanks I will read your article. I’ve read some forum posts about that and I even learn about “Lenny”. But this was strange as they are making hundreds of calls in minutes. I thought there were something easy on freepbx to block this strange pattern of calls. It’s like their system is using some kind of war dialler.

I have a feeling you getting sip attacks.

Can you please elaborate what happens when you get these robo calls?

Are they coming through one specific DID?

I’ve found out today about that on our branch office. It’s a real number and only one. It stays 14~15s and disconnect.

Do you have a DID 465011?

Yes that comes from GXW410X, analog lines.

I’m not going to say otherwise. But it looks like you have 5060 open and allowing anonymous SIP Guest.

Anyway, if you are certain it comes through your analog lines, I would simply blacklist this Caller ID.

I never allow annonymous SIP Calls (checked again and is turned off) but the “allow sip guest” is turned on as Freepbx default. I did blacklist it today and I hope only this helps. I will implement the project from Igaetz too. Thanks for your help.

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