Roaming Extension

Hi Team,

I am looking for Roaming Extensions in Freepbx .

Please help me or guide me how to configure Roaming Extensions .


Follow ME is only for incoming.
I want incoming and outgoing.

For example.
i am user from technical team i have to roam around offices.
my requirement is to have one number.

if i have 5678 i can log in any where and access same extension with putting any password.

Under your extensions, look at CID Num Alias – The CID Number to use for internal calls, if different from the extension number. This is used to masquerade as a different user. A common example is a team of support people who would like their internal callerid to display the general support number (a ring group or queue). There will be no effect on external calls.

You can set a user up as dynamic. They can log in on any device.

Sounds good, where do you configure this?

In /etc/amportal.conf, look for AMPEXTENSIONS and change that to:


Your Extensions in FreePBX are now divided into User and Devices

I think you should look at FollowMe. You can configure the following Ring Strategies:

hunt: take turns ringing each available extension

ringallv2: ring primary extension for initial ring time followed by all additional extensions until one answers

ringall: ring all available channels until one answers (default)
memoryhunt: ring first extension in the list, then ring the 1st and 2nd extension, then ring 1st 2nd and 3rd extension in the list… etc.

*-prim: these modes act as described above. However, if the primary extension (first in list) is occupied, the other extensions will not be rung. If the primary is FreePBX DND, it won’t be rung. If the primary is FreePBX CF unconditional, then all will be rung firstavailable: ring only the first available channel

You can have it ring your cell phone last, too.

Cool. Thanks