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RMS Questions -

  1. There is a options column on the checks. Can some of the options be customized? The link brings me to more info about the checks.

  2. My “trunks” keep jumping between 8 & 9 on the graphs. I don’t think they are going up and down.

  3. Would it be possible to monitor specific SIP trunks? I care more about the trunks to providers and not quite as much about the trunks to the peers. Or set the % down?



Actually, I believe I only have 3 trunks (plus an unused DHADI). Not sure why it’s alternating between 8 & 9 in the graph.

Regarding question #3 - It is separating trunks and extensions. I was confused when I say 9 trunks… thought it was grouping them. Sorry.

Here is the graph of the trunks. I have three trunks defined. Perhaps some math and a rounding error?

(Joao Mesquita) #3

Thank you @brk! We found a typo on the metrics we were pulling to populate that graph. This is fixed now and we will be doing a deploy later today to publish the fix. You should see your graph correctly by depicted tomorrow.

As for 1, what type of customization would you like to see?



Thanks for the fast response! I do like the concept of this new feature!

The customization that came to mind was related to # of down trunks or extensions.

Trunks - I care if any of them are down. Not sure what it will report.

Extensions - Probably a % is ok, but might like to tune it. I think I saw 40%, but I would benefit from knowing if as few as 10% were down. Highly dependent on environment (traveling workforce, fixed phones, etc)

Might like to declare a specific extension as “mission critical”. I have a script that does that for me now (parsing asterisk -r sip show peers).

I’d have to think about it more. I was just drawn to that column when I was glancing quickly through the UI.


I also just noticed the scale on the CDR graph is a bit strange. Perhaps rounding? It shows “1” on both the left hash marks.

(Joao Mesquita) #6

Hi! So, we made an update on the system and your trunks graphs should be looking OK now. Could you confirm? If they’re not I’d need you to send me your UUID in private so I can take a look at your specific case.

As for the feature, we’re working today on opening a public issues system where you would be able to open that request yourself (or I can open it for you as long as you have a user). This is important so that things are well thought out, documented and we don’t loose any of user input in the forums.

(Joao Mesquita) #7

I don’t understand what you mean. What did you expect to see on the CDR graphs?


Awesome. Confirmed the trunks look correct. Thanks!

Regarding the CDR graph, I’ve attached one at a higher zoom. Look at the scale on the left axis.

I did send you my UUID just in case.

(Joao Mesquita) #9

Thank you for the detailed snapshot. I see it now and I can confirm that’s a rounding bug. I’m working to fix it right away. Thanks for reporting it!

(Joao Mesquita) #10

@brk, I found the bug, squashed it and it is now in production. You should see your graphs looking better now.

Bear in mind this is a time series view where you do mean values. So if a call is short, the mean value of that when considered time is going to be something <1 (considering that’s only one call). I hope that makes sense to you and if not, let me know and I’ll try to elaborate more.


Yes, that makes sense and can see that in the graph.

Thanks again.