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RMS getting ERROR 502

(Tom Brock) #1

RMS was working great for me, then it just Froze and stopped.
Started getting a 502 error.

Failed to fetch node information: Received 502 response from

I have spent days trouble shooting, was pointed to my router, spend days with linksys,… rebuilt router…

Can not find problem there. PBX box can ping the url for comes back clean.

but cant seem to get it to operate.

Does anyone have any ideals?


(Marbled) #2


Do the same thing that Bryan suggested someone else with RMS problem do, ie contact Support?


Pings don’t mean as much as they use to nowadays… A site can be perfectly functional without allowing pings (which use a protocol called ICMP) and HTTP/HTTPS traffic (which uses TCP) can be proxied…

Good luck and have a nice day!


(Tom Brock) #3

Thanks for taking time to reply Nick,

have not had reply for days from the Ticket I had already submitted.

Just wanted to see if anyone else may have already had this issue and knew a solution.

The ping comment was to show that it was being resolved correctly, and that it was not being blocked by my local router / firewall.


(Bryan Walters) #4

Send me a private message with the ticket number and I can have a look.

(Tom Brock) #5

Good Morning Bryan,

PM sent your way, I think :wink:

(Bryan Walters) #6

Got the PM, thank you!