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RMS General Help

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(Nenad Corbic) #1

Discuss RMS installation and troubleshooting


RMS support RMS support queueu

(Greg Snover) #2

What is the cost?

(Frederic Dickey) #3

Right now we are doing a worldwide free trial - free for 1 month. The plan is to sell for $5 per month per PBX.

(Tony Lewis) #4

The 5.00 per month is Retail pricing and will have special reseller pricing for our resellers.


Right now, where I’m looking from, it seems to still claim that it has not been officially launched yet…

(Nenad Corbic) #6

Hi, Yes, The official launch is on Feb 21st.

(Jessy5765) #7

This will be available for PBXact units on Feb 21st right? I tried to go into the module admin and check for it but dont see it. I can only see it on my test FreePBX system. We want to install this on all PBXact units we have installed.

Also are there any plans on having some type of Proxy setup in place where we can remotely manage the Phone systems Web GUI from this portal?

(Tony Lewis) #8

Jessy. We just released 10.13.66-18 for PBXact that adds will add the RMS module.

At this time RMS is just monitoring. Depending on how the market reacts to this will determine if their is enough interest in adding more things like central management and central backup and things around a central element controller.


@tlewis there is no doubt in my mind that central management of our servers is definitely the future. Please count my vote as a huge YES.

(Kevin Gupta) #10

We have an existing PBXact system that has been updated to 10.13.66-18 but can’t find a way to enable or add the RMS module.
It isn’t listed in the menus, and when you go to the hidden modules page, it isn’t available to add.
What is missing to enable this?

(Bryan Walters) #11

@kgupta This will be available in a coming PBXact update as there are some other updates needed in order to take advantage of this on PBXact side of things.

(Necits2015) #12

Hello all. I’m having an issue activating the trial. I cannot start the monitoring service and I receive the following error when trying to update the node key from the FreePBX RMS module…

Invalid node key: The uuid from the key is ****************107e49c7933a and does not match this machine’s uuid.

(Moises Silva) #13

Hello @necits2015

That error indicates the key you’re trying to use was generated for a different deployment apparently. In order to help you further I’d need some private information (such as the deployment, uuid and key), you can send me a private message with that information (most of the information, except the key, is located in the ‘Status’ tab of the rmsadmin module)

(David Johnson) #14

Hi msilva,

We are also getting this same error where it says Invalid node key: The uuid from the key is … and does not match this machine’s uuid.

How can I resolve this issue?



(Bryan Walters) #15

@rmcomputing Open a support ticket at and we can take a look.


central management on the horizon?

(Dave Burgess) #17

RMS is going away in a couple of weeks, so it’s getting about as decentralized as you can get.

(Jessy5765) #18

Yes is the RMS Beta over… or is it fully going away? If it gave us a central portal to manage and see the firmware revisions/remote access them (even if only a link to redirect to their WAN IP) I would deploy this to every one of our systems.