Rls 12 Mailbox interaction- open a different mailbox

With the Rls 12 of FreePBX, I’m noticing a different interaction whereby I’m at my phone, pressing *97 (or the Msg button) to open my mailbox, but I want to press # to open a different user’s mailbox (knowing their mailbox/password).
With Rls 11, I used to press # when being prompted for my password, and she sould say ‘Login Incorrect…Mailbox’ (allowing me to enter the other mailbox/password combination)…
Now when I press the # at ‘Password’, she says ‘Login Incorrect…Password’, and I can’t jump over to log into another’s mailbox.
I realize I can enter *98, knowing another’s mailbox/password and check any mailbox using that method, but didn’t know if there was a way to reprogram the # when using *97 to train End Users to press # to open a different mailbox than their own.
If not, I will just change my training methods (and documentation) to have them use *98


You should be using *98, the old method was a security issue that was resolved.