Ringtime set in freepbx has no effect on extensions

I’ve never seen this before and I’m not sure what to do about it. No matter what I set ringtime to for an extension it only rings for two seconds and then goes to voice mail as indicated by the “nobody picked up in 2000ms” message in the console. All extensions are set to the default ring time of 30 seconds as indicated in the advanced settings. Under extension definition it specifies default ring time. I’ve messed with changing the ring time for individual extension as well as changing the default ring time to something other than what was specified and nothing seems to change it’s always 2 seconds. This happens when calling an extension’s DID as well as extension to extension. I’m stumped. I’m using the latest FreePBX 12 distro update 29 running Asterisk 11.

Edit: failed to mention that this system was restored from another freepbx 12 distro at or near the same update level. The original system did not have this problem.

You’ve changed the Ringtime Default option in Setting > Advanced Settings?
That worked for me on FreePBX 13.

Yes I did. The default was set to 30. Changing it had no effect nor did changing the ringtime in each individual extension setting.

SOLVED! After a lot of digging around in all the moving pieces I found that my old ASTDB (on the old machine) and my current ASTDB (on the machine I restored my backup to) were not the same. They should have been almost identical but they were not. The old had 600 entries and the current one had only 300 entries. It looks like my full backup was missing ASTDB entirely. Luckily, I did not destroy the data on my old machine so I ran an ASTDB backup and restored it to my current machine. I have since fixed my backup to include ASTDB. I hope this helps someone else in the future.

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