Ringroups, forwards and bears oh my

FreePBX Distro

201 (office user1)
202 (office user2)
203 (home user2)

Ringroup: 600 (memoryhunt 10 seconds 202, 203, 201 -> voicemail 202)

All inbound calls go to ringroup 600.

User2 (secretary) works from home 2 days a week and would like to be able to forward all her calls, on demand to her cell phone.

If she picks up her extension (either 202 or 203) and dials *72 and sets the forward for that extension to her cell number, it only works if someone dials that extension directly. If the call comes into the extension as part of a ringroup, it ignores the forwarding.

  1. Is it normal for calls to ringroups to ignore forwarding settings on extensions within that ringroup

  2. if answer to 1 is yes, then I need a suggestion for a work around…

I suppose I could do:

incoming call -> 202 if no answer -> 203
203 if no answer -> 201

the problem is this doesn’t give me the memoryhunt functionality where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phones all ring…