RINGLIST.DAT keeps getting overwritten with a blank file? - Cisco 7960

Hey everyone, (Should mention this is for my Cisco 7960 IP phones)

For my custom ringtones I have ringlist.dat and then the same file as RINGLIST.DAT just to make sure it works. The phones all work and play all the different ring tones. However about once a month or so, the ring tones all just stop. If I view the ring list, it shows Chirp 1 Chirp 1 and Merlin.

If I view the /tftpboot folder, ringlist.dat has all the ringers fine but RINGLIST.DAT now only has merlin.pcm. If I delete the file and copy ringlist.dat t RINGLIST.DAT it works right away.

What could keep overwriting this file? Is there a way to not allow any changes to it? I’m not that great with Linux, maybe a permissions thing? Thanks!