Ringing two Queues at a time

Hi Guys,

Can anyone advise if there is a way of ringing 2 or more queues at the same time?

An example,

Queue # 1 rings Dynamically (people login to the queue)
Queue # 2 rings Dynamically (people login to the queue)
Queue # 3 Statically rings Queue # 1 & 2

We have a call flow that rings Queue # 1 first and then Queue # 2 and then rings Queue # 3.

The issue is that When its rings Queue # 3 it only rings the First Queue in the list and not both the Queue’s…

Any help would be great.

You’re trying to put a caller in two separate queues and that won’t work as you’ve discovered. Instead of 3 queues, you can probably accomplish what you are trying to do with a single queue and assigning penalties to the dynamic agents.