Ringing tone instead of busy tone, or MOH

In our system we have the following problem, when a phone device is busy and a second incoming call will not hear a busy tone. Instead, the caller hears the normal “ringing” tone.

People complained that we don’t answer their calls, when in fact we are busy on the phone, its just that the caller never gets a busy tone!

We’d like to choose one of these:

  1. A second incoming call gets a busy tone

  2. A second incoming call hears some music and a message like “you are on a priority queue”.

How can we do the above two? Is it easy to switch from (1) to (2) if needed? What changes do we need to make to our trixbox configuration? (we are running the latest 2.4 version).

we use the IVR to play a recorded message to incoming calls (“hello, welcome to…”) before directing the call to a single phone device used by the secretary.

There’s a few ways to do this, the quickest would be to turn off call waiting for the phone in question.

Perhaps a better way would be to make a queue, put the secretary phone in as the only agent, set the option to “skip busy agent” and send the calls to this queue rather than the secretary xtn. That should solve your problem.

sorry for the long delay, i’ve done as you suggested, i created a queue, put the secretary as the only agent and now incoming callers hear a nice music.

unfortunately, that created another problem, the secretary, while on the phone doesn’t know that there are callers waiting in the queue. Is there a way to enable callwaiting or something similar for the callers in the queue (so the secretary will quickly hangup or forward the current call depending on the caller id of the waiting caller)?

When calling from a Nortel PBX extension to a FreePBX extension and that IP extension is “BUSY” , the caller hears a ringing tone and not a busy tone.
But when calling from an IP phone it does give the busy tone.
Call waiting has been disabled in FreePBX for that extension and on the ip phone itself.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Dear All,

We want to have “Call Waiting” (for agent to know some call in coming) and “Busy Tone” (for caller to know the extension is busy and we can wait or call later). We are using PBX-in-a-flash.

Pankaj Mittal

Call waiting is a function of the phone. It will alert the user of an additional inbound call.

Each extension has a busy destination, it can be busy tone or the VM (default)

Please always include system and version information in future posts.

We are using FreePBX with Polycom IP-331 IP Phones.