Ringing State (Queued) Asterisk 11.6.0

Hi everybody,

I have installed an AsteriskNow solution with FreePBX, updated to last versions.

I have subscriptions on 15 Snom 320 so every Extension goes on BLF like this: with BLF sip:[email protected]|** (directed pickup)

But once and a while the asterisk sip subscription cant get to the phones, then i get this error == Extension Changed 216 [Ext-local] new state Ringing for Notify User 226 (Queued)

And then the BLF on the Snom phone wont Work. (Not blinking/ringing)

It is 15 Snom 320 on a local Network.

I hope you Guys have an idea for a solution.

Kind Regards

With BLF sip:[email protected]|** (directed pickup)