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Ringing is "static-y" on incoming calls and dialing on keypad

(Jessy5765) #1

We are running a Sophos XG Firewall and S705 Phones in this setup. I also have another setup with S705 phones but not XG.

When calling in or dialing on the phone pad itself they are “static-y” when dialing or ringing. This has happened with both of these deployments. I have added an S700 to the mix and its doing it as well. They are all on the latest firmware for the phones.

Once connected the call quality is pretty much just fine. No issues there. These are up-to-date Cloud hosted PBX’s in the CyberLync Datacenter.

Any Ideas?

(Itzik) #2

What is the display timeout set to? I’ve seen this happening only when the phone is “waking up from sleep”

(Jessy5765) #3

Its even when the phone is awake. Its not just asleep. I know what you mean about that, from what I see that was normal but this is not. As I said its very odd once connected the voice quality is there.

(Michael Cramer) #4

In my experience, with digital phones if you hear ‘static’ it’s coming from the physical connections in the phone, such as the ‘curly cord’ connector to the handset, or the handset to the base. Are the phones analog or digitally connected?

If you suspect it may be the receiver connectors, you can try switching on the speakerphone to bypass those.

Unless you’re doing some audio processing somewhere, the audio should either be there, or not. It would not be modified to be staticy or underwater, unless you were doing some codec manipulation and converting between two codecs (and only then if you don’t have proper modules in place for those codecs).

(Jessy5765) #5


I dont mean to be rude by any means, however did you even read my post before posting. lol. It says " S705 Phones (which are Sangoma IP Phones) " and “When calling in or dialing on the phone pad itself they are “static-y” when dialing or ringing” (which means when the phone is ringing or the sound the phone makes when dialing on the dial pad without picking up the handset). This is a very standard setup with no modifications to any base files, using all ring defaults and all codec defaults. There is 5 phones in the one deployment and 20 phones in the other. They are ALL doing it.

Otherwise I agree, its normally a cable issue which i have encountered. I know static is from loose audio connections. :slight_smile: However this is why i put “Static-y” in quotes because its hard to describe it.

Like if you go into the menu and select different ring tones they sound correct. However when the phone is ACTUALLY ringing its all cut in and out kinda like its a loose connection. They all do it, its very odd. And its not just this deployment its another one with a totally different environment. However I can say this, they all came from the same batch.

(Itzik) #6

I would contact support, I assume there’s some background applications that were sleeping.

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

Hi Jessy:

There is a ticket now on what I would call cosmetic audio issues with ring tones and DTMF tones. It should be resolved in a firmware update in the near term.

(Jessy5765) #8

YES! That is exactly what it is. the DTMF tones and ring tones. :smiley: So i am not crazy!!! Thank you so much Lorne appreciate it.

I will let my clients know.

(Lorne Gaetz) #9

Hi @jessy5765 :

Phone Firmware .54 was released the other day, and should address the issues you’ve noted in this thread. Give it a try when it’s convenient.

(Jessy5765) #10

@lgaetz i keep getting file not found for all the posted firmware files in the wiki. Can you please look into that.

(Lorne Gaetz) #11

Known issue. The firmware is available from within Endpoint Manager, Firmware Management.