Ringing ext 140

Hi everyone,

Having a bit of a weird problem here, People are trying to call EXT 140 on the freepbx server internally and they are getting put through to an outside number. I’ve check the Grandstream gxp2140 that the extension is linked to, and there are no speed dials listed in the Asterisk Phonebook.
The call isn’t registered on the 140 phone as being received and the 140 extension can outbound calls so it’s not a problem with the phone itself.

I hope someone can help me.

I would look at find me / follow me settings or possible a phone side call forward setup.

Are you familiar with the number it’s dialing??

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll look at the suggestions

The number is dialing a completely unrelated number and it has only begun recently.

Check your call forward settings and Find me/Follow me.

Some phones can do a Call Forward from the phone, so be sure to check the phone as well as the system.

I’ve just checked the FreePBX, the FM/FM isn’t active.

I’ll check to see if the call forwarding is active.

Thanks for the advice guys!

I have had this issue prior with some Mitels. I know you said you did not think it was the phone, but make sure the end user did not forward the phone in the hard phone itself.