Ringing a queue from a ring group

Hi all

In a ring group, I need to ring a queue together with some regular extensions. I put in the group Extension List something like:

11 and 12 are regular extensions, and 631 is the queue. The group strategy is ringall. What happens is that 11 and 12 are rung only for a fraction of a second because the queue manager immediately pick up the call, and then begins it’s normal queue operation. Instead, I would like the queue agents to ring together with the 11 and 12 extensions.
Is there a way to achieve this?


Get rid of the ring group and just send the calls to a Queue with whichever extensions you would like to ring. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

Hmmm, I already have the queue with some users that attend to it. The list of the queue agents changes in time.
Now, in a particular case, I need to ring these users and some other additional users as well (11 and 12 in the example). I can not put 11 and 12 in the queue because they would be rung every time some call reaches the queue, which is not what I want. Only in the particular case 11 and 12 should be rung, along with the queue agents. That’s why I thought about a group with the queue (and the others) in it.

what exactly is the situation where you want them to be included, and what is the situation where you would want them to be excluded?

Queues are designed to answer the call in Freepbx where ring group do not. So when you add a Queue number into the ring group the queue answers the call so the ring group stops calling other extension.

I normally use the queue to answer support calls. There are a number of technicians. Every day they designate one of them to answer support calls. The designated technician logs on to the queue and his phone rings. The queue is accessed via an IVR.
Depending on a time condition, in certain hours (for example at noon) people can move randomly from their seat so I need some other phones to ring upon support calls, in addition to the phone of who logged on the queue.

Thank you for the answer. So let’s revert the question: is there a way to have some sort of late-answering queue? I just need some particular phones to ring (the ones of the people who logged on the queue). No need of other queue fatures like timeouts, announcements etc.
It would be useful to have something like a dynamic ring group, where a user can log on end log out of the group. Similar and more limited than a queue, but not early-answering.

What about creating a ring group with the additional extensions and then set that as the fail over destination in the queue, so that if the tech logged into the queue doesn’t answer, then the call automatically goes to the fail over ring group and the additional extension will ring.

I did something similar…

As I remember, I set up a follow me for each number with the queue as the fail over destination for each extension. I think I had to create a dummy extension and put it as the second number in the follow me to get things to work.

Not very elegant, but it seemed to work.


Thank you, Mikej67 and w5waf , for your sugestions.
At the moment I’m using a workaround similar to the one suggested by Mikej67, and I’ll try the w5waf way. But the original conceptual question remains the same: is there some way to ring the queue agents together with some additional extensions (and, now that I think about it, additoinal groups or maybe even another queue)?
Directly, it seems that the answer is no, as schmoozecom stated.
It would be nice if we could have a ring group dynamically made of the queue agents. I think about an additional property in the queues module, which defines a name of a group, that can be used as a normal ring group. But I don’t know if this can be done, and if it would be difficult to implement.