Ringgroup AlertInfo not clearing for Transfers

We have setup AlertInfo for incoming calls that go through a ring group, to sound different than other calls, mainly between inhouse phones.

The issue we have with this setup is, when we receive an incoming call, it rings the unique audio, we answer, then when we transfer the call to a single extension, it still rings at the other extension the first ringtone, instead of the inhouse ring.

My guess in this situation is, the AlertInfo is staying with the call and not clearing after being answered from the ring group.

I tried looking for a Transfer AlertInfo, or anything related, that would reset or clear the alertinfo, but to no avail.

Server is FreePBX, about a year old, I’m not certain of the specific version. All phones are Grandstream GXP2170.

This sounds like a bug. Have you submitted a ticket?

I have not.
I wasn’t sure if this was a bug, or a setting I was overlooking.

I can’t think if a way that you’d clear that in any of the settings. It only gets set once (on the Inbound Route, IIRC) but I don’t think it ever gets cleared after that.

You mentioned on inbound route. If I set it up on the trunk and not the ring group, possible the issue would resolve itself?

Our inbound routing goes through a time condition/group then to the ring group.

I doubt it. The AlertInfo gets set for the Ring Group, and once it’s set, it doesn’t get reset.

Bug Ticket created. /CT-45.

I’d do a direct link, but "new users not allowed to post links."
As I’ve experienced managing forums, I entirely understand this reasoning. :slight_smile:

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Unless you override it :slight_smile:

Presuming it is overriden, where might I find this?

I believe you’ll need some custom code that removes the alert info once the call is answered.

And here is where I regret not continuing my code training. lol

What all am I looking at to accomplishing this task?

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