Ring two locations, only answer one

I have a situation where a client needs a visual ring indicator in addition to their normal phone. I’ve created a ring group and put their extension and an ATA attached to a flasher. Their DID points to the ring group and everything works… normally. If the user is on a call and another call comes in, the flasher rings but can’t obviously be answered. Additional call presences are not implemented on the users phone.

I’m assuming there is a better way of ringing their phone and the flasher simultaneously without sending additional calls to the flasher when busy? Or can I keep the ring group from taking more than one active call?

Does the skip busy option for the ring group do what you’re looking for?

not quiet, because it still sends the additional calls to the flasher

Is the flasher only for the benefit of the user at that extension? Assuming pjsip extension with multiple contacts, register the user’s phone and the ATA to the same extension number.

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