Ring two extensions simultanously with BLF-Support

Hello everybody

I have a question, on which i hope, you can help me out. I already searched the Forum for it, but had no luck. It is also a more specific problem.

The following situation:
A user has two phones, one Tabletop and one DECT. When a call comes to the Extension of the Tabltop-Phone, the DECT-Phone should ring too. That alone is not a big problem, i could use a ringgroup. However, i would like to represent the state of the user with BLFs for the other users and this would not work with a ringgroup, as far as i know it. Is there a possibility, to combine the two phones to “one” phone and provide the BLF-States correctly? Or is it possible to register the second phone, so that it acts as an additional Phone to the first (when phone1 rings, ring also phone2 and provide your state back)?

I hope, someone can help me out.

Thank you for your Help

Remo Stirnimann

Do what you had said. Unique extension for both devices, create a ring group and place both extensions within it. Regarding your BLF’s simply program a BLF on the other employees phone, 1 for the desktop and 1 for the dect.

Hello Frankb

Thank you for your reply.
So it is not possible to solve it easily, so that other users only see one number? However, this solution would require 3 Buttons on the phone, 1 for the Ringgroup and 2 for the BLFs. In this case, its not a big Problem, as the customers needs only 4 users, but when there are more, it is not applicable.

If you are using Asterisk 13, create a PJSIP extension with 2 contacts and register both devices to the same pjsip extension.

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