Ring Timeout too short when using follow me

I have a problem with an extension which uses follow me. If follow me is enabled the ring time is only about half of the time than given in the follow me settings and I can’t figure out why.

Follow me configuration:
Intial Ring Time: 3
Ring Time: 20
Ring Strategy: ringallv2-prim
To extensions in the follow-me list.

If I call this extension and I don’t answer the call the call is hang-up after about 10 seconds. The asterisk console shows the messages “Nobody picked up in 23000 ms” which is actually not true because the time was only about 10 seconds.

If i disable follow-me for this extension the ring time works as expected.

I’m using asterisk 1.8.11-cert2 from digium with FreePBX.

I’m looking forward to any suggestion about this problem.

The message “nobody picked up in 23000ms” suggests that the Asterisk configuration was done correctly. Are you sure the “about 10 seconds” isn’t closer to the 23 seconds it’s supposed to take? If not, what version of FreePBX are you on?

As the asterisk console doesn’t print timestamps I have to measure the time manually and therefore it might be between 8 and 12 seconds which is still much less than 23 seconds.

I’m using FreePBX 2.10.0rc1 and the Follow-Me module I’m not sure if the linux kernel is also from interest: 2.6.18-308.

What are you forwarding to…Internal extension, external PSTN, or cell? Are you saying the 10 second time is the length of time the target phone rings, or the length of time from the time the call is initiated until the target phone stops ringing?

If you dial the target number from a phone on your system, how long does it take for the target to begin ringing?

The reason I’m asking these questions is because I think you 're disregarding the call set up time for the target phone. When an external number is dialed, it doesn’t begin ringing immediately. That is probably where your missing seconds are.

In any case, getting follow me to work smoothly, from my experience, is a trial and error proposition driven as much by user preference as by technical requirements. The solution is simple…if 20 is too short, change it to 30.


I’m forwarding to 2 internal phones. I also tried only one phone. The 10 seconds is the time from the start of the ring until asterisk hang up. Depending if I call the follow-me extension from internal or external there is about 1 to 3 seconds for the call initiation - still much below 23 seconds.

I also observed that when I change the 23 seconds the timeout also changes but only about a half of the given time: ring timeout 10 seconds --> “real” timeout 5 seconds, ring timeout 40 seconds --> “real” timeout 20 seconds.

Yes, of course, currently I double the time I want for ring timeout, but I feel poorly about that.

As I mentioned I observed this behavior with enabled follow-me but as I remember this also happens for ring groups.

I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about where you set your time. I’ve always considered it kind of relative. Considering the variables involved, I’ve just fiddled with those times until it “feels” right.