Ring time and voicemail issues

I’m having a strange issue with voicemail and ringtime. I’ve set the ringtime of the ringroup to 15 seconds, then it jumps to another extension which should ring for another 15 seconds and finally it should forward it to the voicemail, but it doesn’t really work.

When I call there it rings for the first 15 seconds, then it jumps to the other phone just for 2 seconds and it cuts the call.

If I set the ringtime of each group to just 5 seconds, it rings for those 5 seconds on the first group, then it rings 5 seconds on the other extension and then I’m redirected to the voicemail. It works as it should.

Why it won’t respect the ringtime if I set it to a higher value? I’ve changed the ringtime on the main configuration tab to 45 seconds but still it rings for less than 20 seconds.

The other problem I’m facing is that I cannot record a new message on the voicemail. On the phone I call to *98, I select my voicemail extension and then I enter the password set on the extension. Once there I can use #1 to hear the messages, #2 to change directory and #0 is supposed to enter the voicemail config to change the voice message, reset password, etc.

When I choose the #0 it won’t enter the voicemail config, it just hangs. Why is this happening?

I also would like if there’s any other way to config the voicemail. I know I can record messages from the pbx via web uploading wav files (or using *77 on a phone) but I don’t know how to set that record as a voicemail message.

I will appreciate any help. Thank you and sorry for the bad english

It would be helpful to have a little info about your system. FreePBX version? Distro or installed by hand?

This is probably a firewall issue.

Thanks for the fast answer. The version is: FreePBX and it runs on Asterisk (Ver. 1.4.24)

I have been thinking about updating the version (I think it was installed three years ago and never updated) but I’m afraid of breaking something.

I spoke with the guy who set it up and he told me this is running on Elastix. I’m pretty new on this so I don’t have much knowledge about it (I almost have no idea about how this works).