Ring Strategy "linear" not working properly

Asterisk Version: 13.29.2
Queues Version

Ring Strategy = “linear” not working properly.

For example: I have order 101,102,103
but i get ring 102,101,103

Are they dynamic agents? Linear will ring them in the order that they logged in, not the order they are listed.

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Static Agents only

If the ring strategy was once different than linear, then you need to restart Asterisk for the changes to go into effect.

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you need to restart Asterisk for the changes to go into effect

Thank you.
I am very surprised that this bug has not been fixed yet.

It’s up to someone to take it through the review process and get it submitted, which noone has done.

Or someone with a PBXact support contract can report the issue which will require it to be fixed under the PBXact commercial support and license agreement.

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I was under the impression that this was a documented restriction, and therefore any request to change it would be a feature request, rather than a bug report.

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Can you please post a link to where it is documented? Thanks

As a result of this thread, I have added a note to the freepbx wiki, but it is only been there since yesterday:


Thank you, Lorne!

It’s documented in the Asterisk source code, and in the Asterisk logs of any system that tries to change to the linear strategy, and has warnings enabled:

The real bug is that this details hasn’t been added to queues.conf.sample, and therefore other documentation.

The reason for it is that Asterisk uses hashing to access the member list, but that means that the hash buckets get read out firstly in order of the hashed value, and only then in order of addition. When you start with the linear strategy, it forces there to be only one hash bucket, loosing the advantages of hashing, but meaning that everything is in the order in which it was added to the list of queue members.


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